GWC DARTG135 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials

Golden West College LogoThese videos and projects are from a few summers back (2005) covering Adobe Illustrator CS2. While we are currently teaching CS5, the majority of the content is still up to date even for CS5. I am not currently teaching Illustrator at GWC, I currently teach two sections of the DARTG178 Introduction to Web Design.

All the movies listed below are in Quicktime format and the finished project files that go with them are in .zip format. Download Quicktime for the Mac or PC here.

DARTG135 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Movies for the DARTG135 online class are broken up into two sections.

  • HOW TO FILES are short movies to help you with the online class.
  • CLASS LECTURE files are optional weekly lectures that cover some of the material from the book as well as extra material.

All of the subjects covered during the movies can be done in CS3, CS4 and most in CS5. Please ignore any homework, projects and dates discussed during the movies.

Movie Title Size Length Finished Project Files
Welcome to DARTG135 Intro to Adobe Illustrator 64MB 00:27:07 None available.
How to Save as a PDF File In Illustrator 2MB 00:01:25 None available.
Class Lectures
Class #01: Quilt Project 160MB 01:32:11 [1MB]
Class #02: Fish Project 196MB 01:40:17 [1MB]
Class #03: Type Project 183MB 01:40:16 [1MB]
Class #04: Wheel Project 201MB 01:40:12 [1MB]
Class #05: Pen Tool 263MB 02:16:20 [18MB]
Class #06: Map Projects 311MB 01:38:59 [1MB]
Class #07: Gradients Part 1 191MB 01:36:29 [1MB]
Class #08: Gradients Part 2 154MB 01:13:02 See Above Files
Class #09: Rendering 143MB 01:11:32 [3.5MB]
Class #10: Live Trace 289MB 01:43:32 [12MB]
Class #11: Logo Design 216MB 01:39:56 Project10ArcherTucker [1MB]

Class #12: Gradient Mesh 166MB 01:32:27 Project11Gradient [2MB]

Class #13: Photoshop 143MB 01:09:17 [10MB]
Class #14: Layout Design 243MB 01:48:29 [46MB]
Class #15: Actions 126 01:03:54 None available.