Spring 2014 Santa Ana Valley High School RED Digital Cinema Pathway Day

I had the opportunity to set up a RED Digital Cinema demo day for instructor Diane Pastrana’s Digital Media class at Valley High School in Santa Ana on Friday, May 23 2014. Valley  is one of my Pathway partners with Golden West College over the past year.

Our RED education representative Nick Watkins brought in a RED EPIC for the digital media students to get hands on time with while shooting new student interviews promoting their High School Inc. programs in their studio. Nick did an overview of the camera and functions for the first hour or so then took them out to showcase the slow motion and other great RED features. Nick went above and beyond the call of duty stepping in as stunt man for many of the shots the students got.



After working with the students outdoors it was back to the studio to do student interviews. Each group of students was assigned to a group that asked questions to current students who are enrolled in the High School Inc. academies. Each group got to shoot using the RED and all the footage was downloaded to be edited using Adobe Premiere. During the filming Premiere was also used to capture all the audio tracks in the studio to be matched up with the interviews.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the students and it was great seeing them so engaged during production! Nick went way above and beyond the call of duty and I thank him for his time and enthusiasm that he brought to the classroom. I would also like to thank the staff and administration at Valley High for hosting us and providing lunch, High School Inc., and  instructor Diana Pastrana for working with us at Golden West College and encouraging the students to go into the digital media field. A very big thank you goes out to RED and Nick for coming in! We hope to continue this relationship into the next year and beyond.


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Author: Sean Glumace

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